Madi and Andrew | Early Spring Wedding at Blackstone Country Club

Cheers to the new Mr. and Mrs. Jones...

THESE TWO!! I was so lucky to be able to capture this beautifully intimate wedding at the Blackstone Country Club! It was such a perfect day after a long week of cold, cloudy days. The bright blue sky opened up and provided amazing weather for this afternoon wedding! All of the details came together so nicely for this lovely couple and I am so happy I got to capture their memories!

Madi and Andrew met at a family birthday party. It was actually for their nephew, Oliver’s first birthday. Oliver was the ADORABLE ring bearer at their wedding (see him running in style down the isle)! They quickly fell in love and the rest is history. 

Madi and Andrew wanted a tight-knit, intimate and personal wedding and it is exactly what they got. Their guest list of sixteen was the perfect size for a small wedding and you could truly feel the love in the room. Madi and Andrew weaved some unique and romantic moments into their day, which just showcased how strong their love for each other is as well as the support and love from their families are! I’ll share my two favorite moments! First, they picked out each other’s rings and did not see them until the wedding day. This made for quite a challenge with my details shots as I hid Madi’s ring from her while she was getting ready (I was always yelling “Don’t look, don’t look!”, haha!). It was so fun to see their reactions to seeing the rings in person for the first time, like a little gift to give each other at the altar! Secondly, they did a blessing and advice circle during their ceremony that was so moving and meaningful. The entire group of sixteen guests circled around Madi and Andrew and provided their hopes for their marriage and a little bit of advice to take with them into the next step in their lives. It is not something I get to see very often since larger weddings don’t often provide this type of opportunity and it is something I hope I see more of!

These two are truly so in love with each other and I am so excited for everything that is to come for them. Madi will be heading to school to get her Masters in social work and they will both be moving to Hawaii this summer for Andrew’s job in the military! They have an exciting future as husband and wife and I wish them all the best!