Wedding Planning

Three Benefits of Doing a First Look

Let me start by saying that no matter how you wish to see your future spouse for the first time on your wedding day, it will always be absolutely magical! I just want to share some of the benefits of having a first look that I have found when working with couples on their big day. First looks are a scheduled time prior to your wedding ceremony where you will get to see your fiance before walking down the aisle. First looks are becoming more popular recently because they often allow for more dedicated portrait time with not only your significant other but also with your bridal party and family. As a wedding photographer, I absolutely LOVE coordinating first looks because they can be some of the most intimate and loving moments of your day! So, here are my top three reasons to do a first look on your wedding day: 

Reason #1: Extra Time for Couple’s Portraits

When you have a first look, it will be scheduled BEFORE your ceremony and thus before all the chaos of wedding day! I typically schedule your first look anywhere from 1.5-2 hours before your ceremony start time which allows us to get A LOT done before we hide you away before the ceremony starts. I love the chance to get 90% of your portraits done, not to mention getting nearly all of your bridal party portraits and close family formal portraits done as well. Now, I promise I won’t forget about your sunset photos! When there is a first look, I typically schedule 10-15 minutes of sunset portrait time just to make sure we get those dreamy, golden hour pictures! But the best part is the fact that we can get you back to your reception ASAP because most of your portraits are already complete!

Reason #2: More Time to Enjoy the Party

Because a first look is scheduled before your ceremony, you will have more time once the ceremony is over to enjoy the wonderful wedding you just took months to plan! Without a first look, we often only have time for portraits immediately after the ceremony during cocktail hour but if we get everything done before the ceremony then that allows you much more time to enjoy with your guests. I know that I hate eating into the time that couples have scheduled for cocktail hour and their receptions and with a first look it is much easier to get all of your desired pictures done!

Reason #3: Special Alone Time on Your Wedding Day

I truly think this is the most IMPORTANT reason and benefit of doing a first look. When you have a first look, I give you AS MUCH time as you need to sit with each other, talk, laugh, cry, etc. This is such a huge life event that often goes by so quickly– getting to see each other before the chaos of the day is really calming and helps to relieve the nerves of the whole thing. I really think it helps my couples remember what this whale day is about, their marriage to one another and the love they are celebrating. It’s good to have a reminder of why this is all happening– you two, together. 

Well, those are the top three benefits of having a first look that I have experienced with my own couples. Remember, that no matter what you choose that you will have a wonderful wedding experience! I am here to help develop a timeline that works for your wants and needs whether that is to have a first look or not. I hope this can help in making your decision! Happy planning!